Skin Care

This is my first Herbal VLog. I introduce you to the importance of developing a great skin.

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Skin Bleaching – The Effect of Hydroquinone

I explain in this Herbal VLog, the effect of ‘Hydroquinone’ on your skin.

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Skin Bleaching – The Effect of Mercury & Steroids

This Herbal VLog explains the effect of ‘Mercury’ and ‘Steroids’ on your skin.

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Develop a Great Skin with Food Supplements

This ‘Herbal VLog’, explains ‘how to develop a ‘great skin tone’, ‘skin complexion’ through food supplements.

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How to Get a Lighter Skin

I tell you in this Herbal VLog, the natural route to get a brighter skin complexion.

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Things in the Kitchen that Brighten Your Skin

This ‘Herbal VLog’ explains an economical route to a great skin. The items I speak about are the regular ‘off-the-kitchen shelf stuff’, things that you can easily lay your hands on. Things we all have in our kitchen.

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Why Freshfactor

I broke out with a severe case of acne and pimples. I self medicated and my skin worsened, I developed black heads, white heads, and facial burns. I was depressed and dissatisfied. An elderly woman gave me herbal soap. The effect was amazing! The acne and pimples faded away leaving my face soft, smooth and glowing. I recovered. I was cured and I still am. I understand the skin problems you battle, I have been there.

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