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11 Dec 0 Comment

Nature’s Answers for Post-Pregnancy Skin Alterations

It is every woman’s dream to one day hold that little bundle of joy in her arms.

However, dealing with the post-pregnancy body alterations has also become many new Mothers’ nightmare!  Changes in Skin texture, complexion and physique, characterised by Stretch marks, Skin discolouration, sagging skin, and excessively bulging post-delivery abdomen, are just some of the harsh realities of Childbirth that we women have to face. *sigh*

‘Getting my body back’ now becomes the primary concern of a new Mother; well, apart from changing diapers and satisfying every whim of a demanding newborn.

Our goal on FreshFactor today, is to help you ‘get your body back’ NATURALLY!! You do NOT have to go under the Surgeon’s knife to get back in shape and have your skin return to normal. The most severe case of Stretch marks is experienced after childbirth. To address this, a great amount of diligent and consistent work is needed to diminish the appearance of severe post-pregnancy stretch marks.

I must confess it is frustrating. Consistent treatment over a period of at least six months will achieve favourable results. On the other hand, the avoidance of scratching the tummy and other fat-prone areas of the body during Pregnancy; and continuous application of Shea-butter on the tummy area and other fat-prone areas will miraculously prevent Stretch marks from these areas in the first place.

Furthermore, it is advisable to allow discoloured skin to gradually regain life as the body attempts to heal and return to normal. To facilitate a faster recovery from skin discolouration (melasma), it is advisable to use Natural Skin Lightners to ‘catalyse’ skin rejuvenation.

On the other hand, the severity of Melasma would have been favourably minimised if the expectant Mother consistently consumes fruits, vegetables, fibres and water to nourish skin from the inside. By doing so, the skin quickly and easily bounces back to an even better glow.

A huge myth that has long been debunked during Pregnancy is ‘ eating for two’. We have been told that pregnant women need to eat twice their servings to feed her and her foetus.

This is WRONG.

A foetus feeds on the Mother’s nutrients and not on her direct meals. Thus, a lot of fruits, water, vegetables and fibre will do Mother and foetus more advantage than the consumption of starch and fatty foods which cause the woman to add on excessive weight during pregnancy.

These excess pounds are responsible for sagging skin and bulging tummy after Pregnancy. The fat will take sweat and blood to burn in order to regain normal body size and shape. Like we always advice, all Nature’s products are best enjoyed when used proactively. Nature works gradually, so it’s best to nip skin and health issues in the bud before they get out of hand.

If you are already a victim in the claws of ignorance, myth and misinformation, then get into a gym and start shedding the extra pounds. Slap on the Shea butter diligently.

Employ the use of the Natural Skin Lightners to salvage what is left of your pre-pregnancy body. If you are preparing to start a family, then make good and quick use of this information and deliver yourself.

These proactive measures and information will help greatly to lessen severe post-pregnancy pitfalls.

Let Nature do all the work for you, so the only thing you will really need to worry about is changing diapers. PERIOD!!

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