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Skin Rehabilitation

Like sinners going to the altar, a lot of people have confessed and renounced the use of harsh, dangerous skin bleaching products. Thank goodness!! Unfortunately, as the saying goes; what you sow, you shall reap! As a result of these harsh products used over a period of time, the skin takes a downward spiral as it gradually darkens with pimples, rash, eczema and other skin irritations, immediately the product is discontinued.

Now, like the Jews in the hands of Hitler, there is a cry for help as desperate remedy is sorted for embarrassingly ailing skin. If you are experiencing irritation like rash and redness, DO NOT PANIC!! Apply calamine lotion to the affected skin area till symptoms diminish. Calamine lotion is suitable for all skin types, so slap it on quick!

For more serious types of irritation, or if symptoms persist, consult a certified Dermatologist.

Please do not traumatise affected skin by pulling, pinching and scratching or rubbing. If you do, irritation will worsen, dark spots and scarring may occur and believe me, you do not want that to happen- so don’t- period. The issue of darkening is inevitable. Darkening will occur since your natural complexion has been foiled. Darkening can be minimised by using the Natural Skin Lighteners we discussed in a previous article.

The thrust of the matter is this; your skin will have to go through the motions, so there is need for great patience. It will take some weeks for the irritation to subside and your natural skin to start blossoming through.

The greatest challenge some will face during this trial period will be more psychological. The constant questions:

‘Wow you’ve have gone so dark!!”

“What happened to your creamy skin?” or “What’s wrong with your skin?”.

The remarks, possible mockery and gossip behind closed doors might drive some back to these products and there is a major problem with that, as people who back out from their recovery period because of personal and societal pressure will have more to regret.

The longer and the more these harsh products are used, the more damaged the skin gets. When skin is severely bleached and damaged, recovery becomes very slow…almost impossible.

So as it is said; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Please take that step now if you haven’t.

If you continue to use these harsh products, with time it will show its evil side and this time, you will not cry for days but regret for years to come…PERIOD!!!

I urge you look through long list of skin products that have banned in other African countries and found on our shores.

…you may want to check if one of them is yours…

Click HERE to see complete list…

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