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The Kitchen Route To Brighter Skin

Wanting lighter skin is no crime. It’s definitely a thumbs-up in this part of the world to consider brightening your skin. We are constantly exposed to the harsh tropical sun, so a little brightening to maintain our complexion and take it up a notch is no crime at all. Some of us may not be able to afford the luxury of expensive skin lightening creams and lotions. But like they say, “not one route leads to the market”. In this article, I’m taking you through another route… your KITCHEN!!

That’s right. Nature’s bounty is waiting in earnest to be explored. Nature is packed with healthy benefits that will do wonders to your skin if taken advantage of. There are extracts and acids derived from natural fruits, veggies and substances that brighten the skin when applied continuously over a period of time. These extracts are non-existent or minimal in some skin brightening creams and lotions. So instead of settling for probably 20-40% of skin lightening ingredients, why not go for a 100% with no side-effects?

Unlike the harsh effects of some artificial skin brightening ingredients, natural skin brighteners have no side-effects. Here are 5 revolutionary skin brightener’s designed by Mother Nature herself…

Lemon: Lemon is a natural bleach, and works without any side effects, unlike the chemical bleaches. Also, lemon juice on your skin helps to gradually subdue unwanted blemishes on your face and rejuvenate the lost glow of your face and skin. All that you need to do is squeeze a lemon to get the juice out of it. With the help of a cotton pad, smear a good quantity of it on your face. Let it dry for around 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off.

Milk : The acidic derivative in milk is called Lactic acid, which is an intense skin brightening acid and it is present in most skin brightening creams and lotion. Make a paste with evaporated or powdered milk and apply evenly on the face and neck. Leave to dry till it begins cracking off. Rinse off with warm water. Repeat 5 days in the week and you will be amazed!!

Salt: Salt is a wonder worker. A natural antibacterial agent and body and face exfoliate. Salt is a fantastic skin lighter, a miracle worker as it gradually helps to dry pimples, fade spots and sunburn. It softens and smoothens the skin during exfoliation and brightens the skin. Inculcate a tablespoon in your bath water for an invigorating bath-time, or mix with melted Shea-butter or olive oil to make an exfoliating paste for the whole body. Table salt or sea salt, one thing remains the same- they ALL work, period!!

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are also a wonderful veggie for lightening the skin. Eating tomatoes regularly over a period of 6-9 months has been proven to reduce wrinkles by 40%. Smoothly crunched tomatoes or Oatmeal combined with tomato juice can lighten the skin. Apply a thick mixture to the face and allow it to set for 20 minutes. Rinse the mixture off with cold water and repeat the process frequently until the desired skin-lightening results are achieved.

Cucumber: For bright silky skin, grab a cucumber. Eaten or applied on the skin, it sure works wonders! For that intense skin brighten effect, juice a cucumber in a blender. Then apply the juice with a clean makeup brush over all the areas you want to lighten. Allow the juice to set on your skin overnight. Wash in the morning.

Whichever of these remedies you choose to employ, please stick to it. Jumping from one to the other will get you NO result.

But whichever one you desire to use, one thing is for sure- it works, Period!!

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