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The Wonders of H20 To Your Skin & Health

The most common, inexpensive and readily available human resource ever known to man; yet it is taken for granted; highly unappreciated, highly underutilised. The importance of water can never be over-emphasised. Water constitutes up to 60 percent of our bodies, 85% of our Brains, and 15% of our bones. Without this life-giving fluid, you and I would not survive. Water carries oxygen and nutrients through the blood and also regulates body temperature, as well as facilitating our body’s excretion processes. The human body can survive for up to three weeks on water alone, it is a life sustaining fluid.

Benefits of Water to Skin & Health

1. Water hydrates our skin, and thus keeps it healthy and glowing.

2.  It helps in the reduction of wrinkles on the skin and enables soft, supple, and youthful looking skin.

3.  It aids in the flushing of fat, toxins, and any other unwanted or foreign substance from our bodies. If you do not consume an adequate supply of Water, these metabolic wastes would not be removed as efficiently as with a steady flow. Since much of this toxin removal is performed in the kidneys, Water basically helps the kidneys to perform effectively.

4. Flushing our intestines with plenty of water allows us to maintain stable and safe quantities of yeast and bacteria.

5. Plenty of water keeps our thought processes and brain function at optimal levels, and prevents headaches that are caused from not enough hydration.

6. Water keeps our bodies hydrated during a work-out session; in order for the metabolic and muscle burn to occur, there must be plenty of water and plenty of oxygen. It also increases the body’s energy levels.

7. Water also helps to flush the lactose acid that accumulates in our muscles when we work out, or use them excessively. The lactose acid can build up and cause soreness, stiffness, and muscle pain.

 How much Water should I drink daily?

The most often recommended quantity is 8 to 10 ounce glasses each day.

Also make sure you replenish your body’s water supply when consuming beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol, which dehydrate your body.

How does Water aid Cell Functions?

All of our bodily functions rely on the cells in our bloodstream to supply them the nutrients and minerals that they need to carry out their vital functions.

How do our cells achieve that end?

They absorb the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we take in during our digestive process. But they also absorb water, or liquid fluids that are a product of direct water intake or the digestive process, but either way, water must be a part of the formula.

Since cells are also made of mostly water or fluid, it’s necessary to keep lots of water coming.

So, if you look at the benefits that water supplies, and you are trying to maintain health and fitness, you cannot ignore the fact that water needs to be a substantial part of your daily intake.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle NOW!!

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