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The Kitchen Route To Brighter Skin

Wanting lighter skin is no crime. It’s definitely a thumbs-up in this part of the world to consider brightening your skin. We are constantly exposed to the harsh tropical sun, so a little brightening to maintain our complexion and take it up a notch is no crime at all. Some of us may not be able to afford the luxury of expensive skin lightening creams and lotions. But like they say, “not one route leads to the market”. In this article, I’m taking you through another route… your KITCHEN!! That’s right. Nature’s bounty is waiting in earnest to be explored. Nature is packed wit

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Skin Damaging Toxins…Revealed

Well, ‘Brown beauty has turned UP NEPA’ as the slang goes. For weeks and months following, it becomes increasingly difficult to categorise her in a particular complexion group because it keeps changing each time you meet. There are different chemical compositions in a lot of our beauty products that are responsible for an epileptic skin complexion and unattractive skin conditions. It is not just the damage of uneven skin-tone, but the skin becomes vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun and develops other unfavourable skin conditions. Here are the chemicals to stay clear of in your skin