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The Kitchen Route To Brighter Skin

Wanting lighter skin is no crime. It’s definitely a thumbs-up in this part of the world to consider brightening your skin. We are constantly exposed to the harsh tropical sun, so a little brightening to maintain our complexion and take it up a notch is no crime at all. Some of us may not be able to afford the luxury of expensive skin lightening creams and lotions. But like they say, “not one route leads to the market”. In this article, I’m taking you through another route… your KITCHEN!! That’s right. Nature’s bounty is waiting in earnest to be explored. Nature is packed wit

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Brighter Skin from ‘The Bottle’

As groundbreaking as it is to be able to use simple natural substances to brighten your skin and give you healthy skin – NATURALLY, there are still some of us who have the greatest difficulty getting off ‘The Bottle’. Like alcohol, bleaching creams also have a tendency to be addictive! Even though we may have had bad experiences with some, the moment anyone introduces that ‘latest’ cream to us, we immediately justify ourselves and reach out to grab it!! Don’t worry, you are not alone; you will be shocked if you know the calibre of ladies around the world who are members of the