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The Kitchen Route To Brighter Skin

Wanting lighter skin is no crime. It’s definitely a thumbs-up in this part of the world to consider brightening your skin. We are constantly exposed to the harsh tropical sun, so a little brightening to maintain our complexion and take it up a notch is no crime at all. Some of us may not be able to afford the luxury of expensive skin lightening creams and lotions. But like they say, “not one route leads to the market”. In this article, I’m taking you through another route… your KITCHEN!! That’s right. Nature’s bounty is waiting in earnest to be explored. Nature is packed wit

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Skin Damaging Toxins…Revealed

Well, ‘Brown beauty has turned UP NEPA’ as the slang goes. For weeks and months following, it becomes increasingly difficult to categorise her in a particular complexion group because it keeps changing each time you meet. There are different chemical compositions in a lot of our beauty products that are responsible for an epileptic skin complexion and unattractive skin conditions. It is not just the damage of uneven skin-tone, but the skin becomes vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun and develops other unfavourable skin conditions. Here are the chemicals to stay clear of in your skin

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Skin Rehabilitation

Like sinners going to the altar, a lot of people have confessed and renounced the use of harsh, dangerous skin bleaching products. Thank goodness!! Unfortunately, as the saying goes; what you sow, you shall reap! As a result of these harsh products used over a period of time, the skin takes a downward spiral as it gradually darkens with pimples, rash, eczema and other skin irritations, immediately the product is discontinued. Now, like the Jews in the hands of Hitler, there is a cry for help as desperate remedy is sorted for embarrassingly ailing skin. If you are experiencing irritation l

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Natural Skin Moisturizers

Every day, we indulge in and are exposed to different habits and climatic factors that cause harmful effects to our Skin and entire Body. Excessive Sun exposure, usage of hydroquinone and mercury based Skin products, Smoking, excessive Alcohol consumption, inadequate Water intake, lack of proper cleansing of Makeup, poor Diet and over bleaching and processing of the Hair, are a number of the contributing factors that cause premature ageing of the Skin. Other effects of these harsh factors are the appearance of fine lines on the face, wrinkles, as well as sagging and dull skin. Natural Mo

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Skin Survival Tips for Hot Tropical Weather

Truth be told, the Skin is often at the mercy of the constant changes of the weather and seasons. This makes it rather challenging to maintain healthy, glowing skin throughout the year. Summer time can be especially difficult. The hot and humid climate can cause dry and damaged skin, discolouration, breakouts and other unfavourable skin conditions. No matter where you are in the world, the climate can affect your skin type. Thus, you must take the weather into consideration in order to ensure proper skin care. Here are some survival tips to help maintain glowing skin in harsh climatic con

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Prevention Tips & Cure for Easily Contractable Skin Diseases

[caption id="attachment_144" align="alignleft" width="300"] A Cross-Section of the Skin[/caption] It is highly embarrassing to have a Skin condition that is obvious for everyone to see. These skin conditions creep up on us at a time we least expect and from sources we get in contact with everyday! Here are some insights on two of the most common Skin diseases that affect Men, Women and Children. Ringworm It is commonly thought that Ringworm is caused by worms; this is false. Ringworm is an infection caused by a fungus and is known in medical terms as TINEA. Location of ringworm o

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Shaving Bumps & Keloids I – Preventive Tips & Cure

[caption id="attachment_103" align="alignleft" width="246"] Shaving Bumps & Keloids[/caption] SHAVING BUMPS Anyone who has shaved for a while has experienced these angry-red, painful little bumps. They look awful and have an ‘ouch-factor’. Unless you shaved dry (shame on you!), you might not know why you get them. The truth is there are as many ways to get rid of these bumps as there are causes to the annoying little eye-sores. If you are not sure what causes your shaving bumps, try a remedy or two until you find one that works for you! What causes Shaving Bumps and how can I